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Evolution Movie Homework Spring 2008

Evolution Movie Homework Spring 2008 - 14 The movement that...

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Evolution Movie Assignment bio 101 1. The “Tree of Life” has been branching for 4 billion years. 2. What are “Great Transformations”? 3. Land animals moved back into the ocean 50 million years ago. 4. The Earth is 4.6 billion years old. 5. What were the first organisms that evolved on Earth? 6. Did they evolve on land or in water? Mammals first appeared on Earth 2 million years ago. They evolved on land. 7. Phil Gingridge was the first to hypothesize that whales evolved from land Mammals. 8. Transitional forms are different forms of evolution from one animal to the next. 9. The Sahara Desert used to be a underneath the Mediterranean Sea. 10. The whale skeletons that are found in the Valley of the Whales are 40 million years old. 11. What the Bassilosaurus had that other whales at that time did not have was legs. Evidence of this is that they were once 4-legged animals. 12. The Synonix is hypothesized to be the ancestor of whales. 13. The nostrils migrated to the top of the head in aquatics Mammals.
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Unformatted text preview: 14. The movement that is common between land mammals and aquatic mammals is the movement of the spine up and down when moving. 15. The name of organisms with 4 limbs is the tetrapod. 16. The evolution of land Mammals occurred 307 million years ago. 17. Limbs evolved before tetrapods left the water for land. 18. Swimming creatures are the types of animals to first evolve hands. 19. Animals first appeared on Earth 520 million years ago in a time called the Cambrian explosion. 20. The basic body plan consists of a head, tail, and appendages. 21. Genes control the development of body segments in animals. It is no the same for all animal body plans. 22. What is common among all animals in their development? 23. Bipedalism is a crucial point in human evolution. 24. Lemurs are living analogs for tree dwelling animals. 25. The closet living relative of humans is the chimp. 26. The type of movement evolved in chimps and gorillas is knuckle walking....
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