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MGMT 30600: Management Science Fall 2011 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT 3 Homework assignments must be prepared individually or in a group of two students from the same section. Only one report must be submitted for the group. 1. Computer results, including Excel spreadsheet models and answer reports , should be neatly displayed, printed, and turned in. Unorganized, illegible, or incomplete assignments will not be graded. 2. Due dates for homework assignment 3 : Monday, October 3 rd , 2011 . Question 1 (20%) : Chapter 5 Question 6 Question 2 (20%) : Chapter 5 Question 8 Question 3 (30%) : Chapter 6 Question 4 (parts a and b ). Solve part a with Excel Solver and turn in your spreadsheet model and answer report. In part
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Unformatted text preview: b , a new binary variable is defined as: 1, if Orrin signs up for the special incentive, 0, otherwise. With this new variable, you want to modify your formulation from part a and add any new constraint(s). Question 4 (30%) : Chapter 6 – Question 5 (parts a , b , c , and e ). Only formulate the problem as an integer program – do not solve it with Excel Solver. In part e , a new binary variable is defined as: 1, if there is a combined savings of $2 million in their investment cost, 0, otherwise. With is new variable, you want to modify your objective function and add new constraint(s)....
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