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from pole to pole notes

from pole to pole notes - 9 Tropics is the biome that...

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“From Pole to Pole” Movie Notes bio 101 Biomes: Tundra, boreal forest, temperate broadleaf, tropical forest, desert, savannas 1. Emperor penguins nest on the shores of Antartica on the south pole. It is dark for 4 months. 2. Polar bears live in the Arctic on the north pole. Females go 5 months without eating. 3. Caraboo migrate over 800 miles. 4. A wolf will chase a caraboo for a mile. 5. There are no animals in the boreal forest because the trees are inedible and can't support life. 6. There is a transition at 50 degrees latitude because of broadleaf forests. The change is they can support life, 7. The choices for animals are migrate, hibernate, or starve. 8. The tilt of the Earth as it orbits around the sun is what creates seasons.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Tropics is the biome that doesn't have seasons because the sun is constantly shining on it. 10. Great white sharks migrate because they are looking for food. 11. Thunder storms form when the sun warms up the tropics and warm water evaporates to create the thunder storms. 12. Sands blow halfway around the world in the Sahara desert and fertilize the Amazon forest. 13. The sun drives air currents. 14. A third of the land surface is covered by deserts. 15. Hunting dogs are the rarest African mammal. 16. Elephants can swim. 17. Three examples of predator-prey interactions are: hunting dogs vs. impalas, wolf vs. caribou, and birds vs. catfish....
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from pole to pole notes - 9 Tropics is the biome that...

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