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1 Degeneracy in Linear Programming Tim, the turkey I heard that today’s tutorial is all about Ellen DeGeneres Ellen DeGeneres Sorry, Tim. But the topic is just as interesting. It’s about degeneracy in Linear Programming. Degeneracy? Students at MIT shouldn’t learn about degeneracy. And I heard that 15.053 students have already studied convicts’ sex. Reverend Jerry Falwell Actually, they studied convex sets.
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2 What is degeneracy? As you know, the simplex algorithm starts at a corner point and moves to an adjacent corner point by increasing the value of a non-basic variable x s with a negative value in the z-row (objective function). Typically, the entering variable x s does increase in value, and the objective value z improves. But it is possible that that x s does not increase at all. It will happen when one of the RHS coefficients is 0. In this case, the objective value and solution does not change, but there is an exiting variable. This situation is called degeneracy. x 1