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"Living Together" Movie Notes bio 101 1. Humpback whales migrate to polar seas during the summer to eat fish. This is a potential problem now because the fish population is declining. 2. 50% of the world's forests, wetlands and grasslands have been developed. 3. Sustainable development means developing while trying not to affect nature too much. 4. Sustainable development is controversial because people don't regulate development. The 2 view points on it are for no development or regulated
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Unformatted text preview: development. 5. 100 people a year are killed and eaten by lions in Tanzania. This is relevant because free roaming lions won't exist in nature because of development. 6. Trophy hunting is killing animals for sport to be put up on display for pride. It is considered part of conservation and development. The positives are that it brings some revenue to the local people and promotes ecotourism. The negatives are people think it's unethical....
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