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founder germline mutation hw

founder germline mutation hw - affected chromosomes are As...

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Founder Mutations Assignment bio 101 1. A founder mutation is a mutation that appears in the DNA of a certain group of people. These changes pass down to other generations. A germline mutation is a heritage change in DNA that occurs in germ cells. 2. Both the founder mutation and the germline mutation pass down diseases to the next generation. The difference is in how the mutations and diseases are passed down. This is how scientists can determine which mutation is present in the individual. Founder mutations are passed down through DNA while germline mutations are passed down through germ cells. 3. Scientists determine the age of a founder mutation by measuring how big the
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Unformatted text preview: affected chromosomes are. As the mutation passes through more generations, the haplotypes get smaller. 4. Cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease, deafness, lactose tolerance, iron overload 5. Sickle cell disease is a disease that causes red blood cells to have an irregular shape and slow movement of blood through the blood vessels. Sickle cell is a recessive disease. 6. A dispersion pattern is the way a population is distributed and spaced. This applies to founder mutations because the way the mutation is distributed within the DNA can determine if the individual becomes infected with the mutation and becomes part of that population....
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