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Study Guide – Exam 3, Abnormal Psychology Exam Date: Thursday, April 28, 2011 Please note that there will be NO MAKEUPS on the last exam; this is because final grades for this course are due two days after the exam. Please be sure that you are aware of the exam date, and make sure you are here to take the exam that day; otherwise you will receive a lower grade in the course based on only two exams. After this exam on April 28, you are completely finished with this class . There is no final exam, and you should not come to class on our scheduled final exam date. No one will be here. Your grade in this course is based on the following: 3 regular exams worth 50 points each, 2 extra credit assignments worth 3 points total, and 4 extra credit points off the exams (there will be 2 e.c. items on exam 3), for a possible total of 157 points. 138 (88%) is needed to get an A in the class. On the day of the exam, you are asked to wait outside the classroom while we set up one exam on each desk. We will begin letting groups of people into the room when we are ready. All seats will have to be filled, so please do not leave an empty chair between you and the person sitting next to you.
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This note was uploaded on 01/17/2012 for the course PSYCH 340 taught by Professor Ackroff during the Spring '07 term at Rutgers.

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exam_3_study_guide - Study Guide Exam 3, Abnormal...

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