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Exam 3 - Study Guide for POSC 150-010 The Basics: The exam will be Tuesday, December 4 th in Smith 120 at 9:30 am . I will hand out the exam promptly at 9:30 and will collect the exam promptly at 10:45. No one will be allowed to continue working on the exam past 10:45. You should bring a pencil and a pen to the exam . The format will be the same as the previous two exams. (true/false; multiple choice; definitions; one sentence answers) The material for the exam will be from the lectures and assigned readings from Thursday, November 1 st and Thursday, November 29 th . NOTE: If you require alternative testing arrangements, please make arrangements with me this week so I can have the test delivered to the ADA office for you to take next week. Remember that you are not permitted to use electronic devices during the exam. The only exception is a translator, but you must sit up front and let me know you are using one. Please make sure you turn off your cell phones and other devices before the test begins. Anyone using such a device will forfeit their exam and receive a score of zero. The Study Guide: The following outline was prepared by Erin. You should use it as a guideline in studying for the exam. There will be questions based on the information below and on information that is not included below . Therefore, studying only the information on the study guide will not be sufficient, but will give you a good starting point. Everyone studies differently, so feel free to use this guide as you see fit. A Few Study Tips: The readings from the text and the Confrontation and Compromise book are very different – you should try to pull out themes and general processes from the C&C book. Do not memorize every person and date. All of the vocabulary that may be on the exam is listed on the last page of this study guide. MEMORIZE THEM. Remember when taking the test to look for words like: always, never, best, etc. Don’t get tripped up… no one wants to trick you. Make sure you review all of your notes and readings before the exam – do not rely solely on the study guide to get you through. The review session with be Monday, December 3 rd at 5:00 pm in Smith 120. Good luck on the exam!
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Thursday, November 1 st – How a Bill (Really) Becomes a Law How many committees are in the house and senate respectively? What is the largest difference between the house and senate? What are the three tracks a bill can take? Can they change? Who are the gatekeepers of bills? What is meant by ‘insurrection’ in the bill process? What is the difference between serial and concurrent consideration? What is the purpose of a conference committee? What is an omnibus bill?
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Exam_3_Study_Guide - Exam 3 Study Guide for POSC 150-010...

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