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Joshua begins the conquest of Canaan, and starts with a reference to Moses’ death and the promise of the land. In chapter 2:10, Rahab mentions to Joshua’s spies that they have heard of the Red Sea crossing, and other events. She asks for protection, and they exchange vows. What will save Rahab and her family from the Israelite attack? Note the parallelism between the Red Sea and the crossing of the Jordan; what is the symbolic relevance here (think about water and the ark itself). Look for common features with which to understand the symbols and concepts. For example, the flood and Noah’s ark, Moses’ basket in the Nile, the crossing of the Red Sea, etc. How does Joshua commemorate the event? Up until now, the Israelites had been eating manna. Why does the manna cease? What is familiar about what the captain of the Lord’s army says to Joshua? How does Jericho fall to Joshua? God has given specific commands regarding the sack of Jericho; analyze these conditions and suggest what the motive would be? Chapter 10 contains a singular event in 12-13. The theme of conquest, with all its violence by the sword is keenly felt. Think about kings in qualitative ways. How are kings generally presented up to now? Remember, Israel has no king (yet). Joshua’s farewell and death are the subject of chapters 23-24; what is the central theme? What happens at Shechem? What are some of the elements in the close of the Book of Joshua that give continuity to the preceding books? For example, we hear once more of Joseph’s bones being buried here. Note the purchasing details of the burial plot. What does this speak to?
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Lecture_Readings_3_Joshua_Judges._Samuel_1Kings - Lecture...

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