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Lecture Readings Kings, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Jonah 1 Kings 16:29 features King Ahab and Elijah. What sort of characters are we dealing with now? Notice the role of king and prophet. What is the nature of the miracle Elijah performs in 17:17- 24? Who becomes his disciple? Consider the implication of this act. In 2 Kings note the use of water in chapter 2:8—11; 13-14. What parallels can you suggest? Chapter 4:11-37 another narrative involving barrenness, the birth of a child, his death, and resurrection. Notice the structure of this motif and think about the substance of the message. How does the first chapter of Isaiah begin? Since the Book of Isaiah is divided into 3 parts, pay attention to the style and substance of each. Also analyze the role of prophecy as it has developed this far. Look at chapter 7:10-15: what familiar pattern can you identify, and note the important role this passage will have later. Compare this with 9:6-7.
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Lecture_Readings_4_Kings_Isaiah_Jeremiah_Ezekiel_Jonah -...

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