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CIT 130 Winter 2011 Final Examination Information As has been previous posted, the Final Examination will take place on Saturday April 23, 2011, from 8:00 AM to 11:00, in 203 Dodge Hall. The Final Examinination is Closed Book and Closed Notes. You will also not be allowed to use any electronic devives of any sort (i.e., computer, cell phones, etc.) You must pressent a valid Photo ID in order to take the Examination (OU Student ID, Driver’s Licenses, etc.) The Final Examination will focus on the analysis of Visual Basic code and the writing of Visual Basic code. The Exam is structured to measure your level of understanding of the the key concepts covered in the CIT 130 class. The major topics covered on the Final Examination are as follows: Simple Visual Basic Controls and Events (Coding of a simple Visual Basic Procedure) Evaluation of arithmetic, relational, and logical expressions. Decision Structures ( If and Select Case Blocks) Repetition Structures (Do-While, Do-Until, and For … Next Loops) Function and Sub Procedures
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