VB notes - Chapter 4 A Condition is an expression involving...

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Chapter 4 A Condition is an expression involving relational operators (such as < and =) that is either true or false. Condition also may incorporate logical operators ( Such as And, Or, and Not). An If Block allows a program to decide on a course of action based on whether a certain condition is true. If condition then Action 1 Else Action 2 End If A Select Case block is an efficient decision-making structure that simplifies choosing among several actions. It avoids complex If structures. If blocks make decision based on the true value of a condition: Select Case choice are determined by the value of an expression called a Selector . Each possible action is preceded by a clause of the form. Dim position As Integer ‘selector Position = CInt(txtposition.text) Select Case position Case 1 Action1 Case 2 Action2 Case 4,5 Action 3 Case Else Action 4 End Case Group boxes are passive object that contain related sets of controls. Radio buttons allow the user to make a single choice from among several options. Check box , consist of a small square and a caption, presents the user with a yes/no choice.
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Chapter 5 Function procedures and Sub Procedures, that are used to break complex problems into small problems to be solved one at a time. Sub Procedures are referred to as General Procedures. The items inside the parentheses are called Argument. Addition to using built-in functions, we can define functions of our own. These new functions, called Function Procedures or user-defined Function , are use in the same ways as built-in Functions. The variables appearing in the header are called
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VB notes - Chapter 4 A Condition is an expression involving...

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