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Noteworthy things in Exodus Stylistic changes begin with the first verse, where we do not get an elaborate toledot. Think: why not? Can it mean that the focus will be more on the development of a nation, rather than tribes? Now think back to God changing Jacob’s name. Both Jacob and Israel are mentioned, just ahead of the resumptive repetition about Joseph having died. We also have a curious mention of the “new king” who did not know of Joseph. A couple of things: why use the term “king”, when we already know that Pharaoh is the term? Also, recall that Moses too was no longer recalled by the pharaoh who succeeded after the Exodus. The theme of barrenness has given way to proliferation of Hebrews. Moses’ early history is exceedingly brief. But he still has the distinction of the only child=character in the Bible who “weeps.” The emphasis here is on language. The Hebrew language is very important. The ancient writers and redactors did not say one thing and mean another. They were very specific about the words they used. Also, the Hebrew vocabulary is not immense, so they make due with a rather finite system. They do not invent new words for new things, or follow linguistic trends as we do. I might have mentioned already that I am very fond of the phrase “Here I am.” Try to track it as you read. Some (as Abraham) have used it before Moses. But not many use it: I have a theory about this, but I would be interested in what you have to say. The tetragrammaton is very important. Again, there is a linguistic emphasis here, for inasmuch as
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Study_sheet_for_Exodus_Leviticus_Numbers_and_Deuteronomy -...

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