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Chapter 3 Steady Heat Conduction 3-158 The plumbing system of a house involves some section of a plastic pipe exposed to the ambient air. The pipe is initially filled with stationary water at 0 ° C. It is to be determined if the water in the pipe will completely freeze during a cold night. Assumptions 1 Heat transfer is transient, but can be treated as steady since the water temperature remains constant during freezing. 2 Heat transfer is one-dimensional since there is thermal symmetry about the centerline and no variation in the axial direction. 3 Thermal properties of water are constant. 4 The water in the pipe is stationary, and its initial temperature is 0 ° C. 5 The convection resistance inside the pipe is negligible so that the inner surface temperature of the pipe is 0 ° C. Properties The thermal conductivity of the pipe is given to be k = 0.16 W/m °C. The density and latent heat of fusion of water at 0 ° C are ρ = 1000 kg/m 3 and h if = 333.7 kJ/kg (Table A-9). Analysis We assume the inner surface of the pipe to be at 0
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