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Thermodynamics HW Solutions 306

Thermodynamics HW Solutions 306 - Chapter 4 Transient Heat...

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Chapter 4 Transient Heat Conduction Transient Heat Conduction in Large Plane Walls, Long Cylinders, and Spheres 4-26C A cylinder whose diameter is small relative to its length can be treated as an infinitely long cylinder. When the diameter and length of the cylinder are comparable, it is not proper to treat the cylinder as being infinitely long. It is also not proper to use this model when finding the temperatures near the bottom or top surfaces of a cylinder since heat transfer at those locations can be two-dimensional. 4-27C Yes. A plane wall whose one side is insulated is equivalent to a plane wall that is twice as thick and is exposed to convection from both sides. The midplane in the latter case will behave like an insulated surface because of thermal symmetry. 4-28C The solution for determination of the one-dimensional transient temperature distribution involves many variables that make the graphical representation of the results impractical. In order to reduce the number of parameters, some variables are grouped into dimensionless quantities.
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