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Chapter 4 Transient Heat Conduction 4-48 Using the data and the answers given in Prob. 4-43, the center and the surface temperatures of the hot dog 4 min after the start of the cooking and the amount of heat transferred to the hot dog are to be determined. Assumptions 1 Heat conduction in the hot dog is one-dimensional since it is long and it has thermal symmetry about the center line. 2 The thermal properties of the hot dog are constant. 3 The heat transfer coefficient is constant and uniform over the entire surface. 4 The Fourier number is τ > 0.2 so that the one- term approximate solutions (or the transient temperature charts) are applicable (this assumption will be verified). Properties The properties of hot dog and the convection heat transfer coefficient are given or obtained in P4-47 to be k = 0.771 W/m. ° C, ρ = 980 kg/m 3 , C p = 3900 J/kg. ° C, α = 2.017 × 10 -7 m 2 /s, and h = 467 W/m 2 . ° C. Analysis
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