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Chapter 4 Transient Heat Conduction Transient Heat Conduction in Multidimensional Systems 4-69C The product solution enables us to determine the dimensionless temperature of two- or three- dimensional heat transfer problems as the product of dimensionless temperatures of one-dimensional heat transfer problems. The dimensionless temperature for a two-dimensional problem is determined by determining the dimensionless temperatures in both directions, and taking their product. 4-70C The dimensionless temperature for a three-dimensional heat transfer is determined by determining the dimensionless temperatures of one-dimensional geometries whose intersection is the three dimensional
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Unformatted text preview: geometry, and taking their product. 4-71C This short cylinder is physically formed by the intersection of a long cylinder and a plane wall. The dimensionless temperatures at the center of plane wall and at the center of the cylinder are determined first. Their product yields the dimensionless temperature at the center of the short cylinder. 4-72C The heat transfer in this short cylinder is one-dimensional since there is no heat transfer in the axial direction. The temperature will vary in the radial direction only. 4-55...
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