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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4 Transient Heat Conduction 4-93C The freezing time could be decreased by (a) lowering the temperature of the refrigerated air, (b) increasing the velocity of air, (c) increasing the capacity of the refrigeration system, and (d) decreasing the size of the meat boxes. 4-94C The rate of freezing can affect color, tenderness, and drip. Rapid freezing increases tenderness and reduces the tissue damage and the amount of drip after thawing. 4-95C This claim is reasonable since the lower the storage temperature, the longer the storage life of beef. This is because some water remains unfrozen even at subfreezing temperatures, and the lower the temperature, the smaller the unfrozen water content of the beef. 4-96C A refrigerated shipping dock is a refrigerated space where the orders are assembled and shipped out. Such docks save valuable storage space from being used for shipping purpose, and provide a more acceptable working environment for the employees. The refrigerated shipping docks are usually maintained acceptable working environment for the employees....
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