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L19+VQ+1-2 - L19 ASIANLAN 225 Memorize the particles and...

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ASIANLAN 225 L19 でおぼえる単語 たんご Memorize the particles and verb groups, as well. Write ひらがな on the quiz. (Do not use kanji) このクイズは、げんき p.138 honorific verbs と、 p.143 honorific forms of nouns and adjectives をおぼえてください。 VQ Verbs 単語 意味 いみ 単語 意味 V ( 人を場所まで ) おくる to walk/drive someone おこる to get angry ( ~が ) きまる to be decided cf. ~をきめる ( ~と ) しりあう to get acquainted with ( ~に ) ひっこす to move (to another place to live) よぶ to call, invite someone よる to stop by V (~に)おくれる to become late (~に)かける to sit down はれる to become sunny ( ~に ) もてる to be popular (in terms of romantic interest) ir えんりょする to refrain from; hesitate ( 人に~を ) ごちそうする to treat/invite someone
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