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Ryan Richert History 2055 Lesson 1 Lesson 1: The Age of European Discovery and Exploration Beringia – Beringia is the name given to the landmass which served as a bridge connecting Alaska and Siberia. This land does not exist today due to melting of glaciers. The first settlers of North America came to the continent by crossing from Asia here. Hernando Cortes – An encomendero, or basically a person who gave small rewards to the Native Americans in exchange for their services. Hernando was ambitious and power hungry. He brutally attacked and conquered the Aztec people. His primary motivation for conquest was to inherit riches while he stated that the goal was to, “convert the pagans.” He was originally thought to be a god to the Aztecs. Conquistadores – The Spanish word for conquerors, these men who were in search of riches killed many Native Americans and took much of their wealth. The conquistadores eventually set up colonies in the Americas. Smallpox – A deadly disease that the Spanish carried to the Americas, to which the Native Americans had no immunity. Smallpox produced facial sores on those who contracted the disease, and eventually killed many of the natives and also some of the Spanish. Viceroys – The viceroys were colonial political and military leaders of the Americas. Spain wanted to make sure that the colonial leaders were loyal to the crown so they picked Spanish born Spaniards to be the viceroys. 2. Explain the fifteenth century advances in European sailing ability that made transatlantic voyages possible. There were many innovations in sailing navigation, technology, and mapmaking that allowed for longer voyages in the open ocean. Mapmaking was improved due to new methods in which to convey proportions.
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Lesson1 - Ryan Richert History 2055 Lesson 1 Lesson 1: The...

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