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Glossary Glossary Glossary Glossary Glossary Anticline: A fold in sedimentary strata that resembles an arch. Gross Domestic Product: It is a monetary measure of the value of goods and services produced within a natural economy at a given period of time. Normally it is one year. Geologist: A scientist who studies the composition, structure and history of the earth. Geothermal Gradient: The gradual increase in temperature with depth in the crust. The average is 30°C per kilometer in the upper crust. Humus: Dead and decayed organic matter adds to the fertility of the top soil. Igneous Rocks: Rocks which have solidified from molten magma.
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Unformatted text preview: Manganese Nodules: A type of sediment scattered on the ocean floor, consisting mainly of manganese and iron, and usually containing small amounts of copper, nickel and cobalt. Metamorphic Rocks: Rocks which were originally igneous or sedimentary, but have changed in character and appearance. Oil Trap: A geological structure that allows for significant amounts of oil and gas to accumulate. Rock: A consolidated mixture of minerals Sedimentary Rocks: Rocks which have been deposited as beds and layers of sediments....
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