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Ryan Richert History 2055 Lesson 2 Lesson 2: Settlement of the Chesapeake Bay Anne Hutchison – Came over from England with a conviction that the church should not preach a message that good works could save; it was by the grace of God alone. She formed a women’s group in her home and criticized many of the preachers and their messages. She was banished for her beliefs and thus founded the town of Exeter. John Winthrop – Richard Hakluyt – One of the leaders of the Virginia Company of Plymouth. He helped establish the first settlement in Plymouth. The colony failed however. Covenant – A written contract between people in which they all agree to abide by the terms of the covenant. Another word for the covenant was “compact.” The Mayflower Compact was an example of a covenant. Virginia Company of London – Captain John Smith – The leader of the Jamestown settlement. He befriended the Indians by amazing them with European technology. Smith divided the colonists into work groups to promote success and thus he lowered the death rate. Lord Baltimore – Roger Williams – An extremist separatist. Williams was a Cambridge University grad and due to his views he was rejected by the Massachusetts community and thus went to present day Rhode Island to help establish an extreme separatist community. Hammersmith Ironworks – 2. Describe the conflict between the Anglicans and the Puritans in England. What beliefs and practices of the Church of England did puritans find so objectionable, and what about the Puritans did many of the English find unappealing? The Puritans and the Church of England did not get along because they had conflicting beliefs. In addition the Church of England was initiated and run by the state. Any citizen was a member of the Church of England. The puritans believed that there must be a covenant between the church and its members. The Church of England was not distinguished enough from the Catholic Church for the Puritans. The Church of England
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Lesson2 - Ryan Richert History 2055 Lesson 2 Lesson 2:...

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