3 and compare annual dividends to trailing earnings

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Unformatted text preview: : 32 Figure 2.8: Dividends versus Earnings 60 50 Number of firms 40 30 20 10 0 Dividends less than 60% of Earnings Dividends between 60 and 80% of Earnings Dividends between 80 and 100% of Earnings Earnings Category Dividends exceed Earnings Dividends with negative earnings Data from Value Line: The dividends for each company were compared to the earnings for the company. Of the 100 firms in the portfolio, 57 had dividends that exceeded their earnings over the last four quarters and 12 paid dividends even though they had losses for the year. There are some analysts who would accuse you of being excessively cautious in your analysis. They would argue that trailing 12-month earnings are depressed because of poor overall economic growth and that you should be comparing dividends to earnings in a normal year or sustainable earnings. One simple modification they would recommend is looking at average earnings over some past period, say five years. While you can accept the logic of the argument, this is a conservative investment strategy and it seems prudent to use the toughest test that you c...
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