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Unformatted text preview: .I.T. R.E.I.T. Investment Co. Natural Gas (Diversified R.E.I.T. R.E.I.T. Natural Gas (Distrib.) Air Transport R.E.I.T. Electric Util. (Central) Investment Co. Financial Svcs. (Div.) Paper & Forest Products R.E.I.T. Investment Co. R.E.I.T. R.E.I.T. R.E.I.T. R.E.I.T. R.E.I.T. Electric Util. (Central) Investment Co. Financial Svcs. (Div.) Metals & Mining (Div.) Retail (Special Lines) Electric Util. (Central) Natural Gas (Diversified Tobacco Investment Co. Maritime Investment Co. Bank (Foreign) Dividend Yield 9.83% 9.83% 9.98% 10.00% 10.00% 10.01% 10.14% 10.16% 10.22% 10.32% 10.36% 10.37% 10.39% 10.49% 10.60% 10.66% 10.90% 11.05% 11.08% 11.25% 11.36% 11.65% 11.72% 11.77% 11.85% 11.95% 11.96% 12.00% 12.19% 12.21% 12.39% 12.48% 12.67% Company Name TECO Energy Advanced Tobacco Products Thornburg Mtg. Amer. Elec. Power Sharp Corporation Post Pptys Inc. American Cap Strategies MICROWAVE FILTER MFA Mortgage Knightsbridge Tankers Cornerstone Realty Income AmeriServ Finl Inc Airlease Ltd. Annaly Mortgage Mgmt. Gabelli Equity NovaStar Financial Associated Estates NorthWestern Corp. Fila Hldgs S P A AD...
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