Note though that you are not arguing that these

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Unformatted text preview: erms, you would need to examine the financial statements of the energy companies on this list to see if there are signs of Enronitis – the hiding of liabilities or mysterious (and unsustainable) earnings. You may very well conclude that the market’s fears are misplaced and that these stocks are good investments. With tobacco companies, you will need to do a similar analysis on potential tobacco liabilities. Comparisons to Potential Dividends While comparing dividends to earnings may provide a simple way of measuring whether dividends are sustainable, it is not a complete test for two reasons. 34 Earnings are not cash f lows : Accountants measure earnings by subtracting accounting expenses from revenues. To the extent that some of these expenses are non-cash expenses (depreciation and amortization, for instance) and because accrual accounting (which is what is used in corporate accounting statements) does not always yield the same results as cash accounting, accounting earnings can be very different from cash flows. • Firms may have reinvestment needs: Even if earnings roughly approximate cash flows, firms may not be able to pay them out in dividends. This is be...
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