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Unformatted text preview: 13 CHAPTER 2 HIGH DIVIDEND STOCKS: BONDS WITH PRICE APPRECIATION? Sam’s Lost Dividends Once upon a time, there lived a happy and carefree retiree named Sam. Sam was in good health and thoroughly enjoyed having nothing to do. His only regret was that his hard-earned money was invested in treasury bonds, earning a measly rate of 3% a year. One day, Sam’s friend, Joe, who liked to offer unsolicited investment advice, suggested that Sam take his money out of bonds and invest in stocks. When Sam demurred, saying that he did not like to take risk and that he needed the cash income from his bonds, Joe gave him a list of 10 companies that paid high dividends. “Buy these stocks”, he said, “and you will get the best of both worlds – the income of a bond and the upside potential of stocks”. Sam did so and was rewarded for a while with a portfolio of stocks that delivered a dividend yield of 5%, leaving him a happy person. Barely a year later, troubles started when Sam did not receive the dividend check from o...
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