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Lesson 1 Discussion Questions - Good time for an IPO Given...

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Good time for an IPO? Given the current state of the economy, do you think right now would be a good time to take a company public? Why? Why not? Please explain your reasoning. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of going through the IPO process at this time as opposed to waiting a year or two? All the questions must be answered carefully by providing quality argument (please read all the requirements and instructions); that is, all the requirements for a certain assignment must be met. In addition, all the calculations (if calculation questions were asked) must be correct. Please note that you must show and demonstrate your ability to provide reasoning for your response to “Discussion” questions. Important Notes: REQUIRED: In addition to addressing the questions above, respond to minimum three other “Discussion” postings with some serious thoughts. Re: Good time for an IPO? Posted by: Connie on 11/14/11 @ 6:45 AM In my opinion, right not is definitely not the appropriate time to take a company public. The majority of the time, 1/3 of all IPOs are issued in the November and December timeframe. However, as of October, only five companies went public because IPOs are financed with credit and with the instability of the current market
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