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math - dollar i.e 95 3 U-Mart had Comfort bicycles selling...

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1)An investor buys 200 shares of GDT at a price of $63.90 per share, pays a 2 percent commission on the purchase, and sells the 200 shares a year later for $64.00 per share with a 2 percent commission on the sale. What is the total cost of the purchase (commission cost)? (State your answer to the nearest dollar without the delimiter, i.e. 14580, not 14,580). 2)A buyer is paying a reduced $500 in closing costs on a home with a sale price of $95,000 in the state of Bath, Maine. If the buyer obtains an FHA loan, what would be the monthly payment if the loan is at 9 percent for 10 years? (State your answer to the nearest
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Unformatted text preview: dollar, i.e. 95) 3) U-Mart had Comfort bicycles selling regularly for $350. The bicycles were put on sale at 20 percent off. The manager found that some of the bicycles were dented or scratched, and offered an additional 10 percent discount. What was the price of a dented bicycle after the two discounts? (Careful!! This is not a 30 percent discount, but 20 percent followed by ten percent). (State your answer as a whole number, i.e. 450)....
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