Proposals And Special Projects 050018

Proposals And Special Projects 050018 - 1. A covering...

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1. A covering memorandum should be attached to formal reports that are sent to A. customers. B. the federal government. C. shareholders. D. someone within the company. 2. One advantage of topic outlines is that they provide A. topic sentences for your paragraphs. B. new ideas for your outline. C. internal headings for your document. D. more precise ideas. 3. The following four statements tell something about written descriptions. Which one of the statements is incorrect? A. There is a complete paragraph for each part listed in the introduction. B. The paragraphs in the body describe each part in greater detail than the introduction. C. One paragraph describes several different parts. D. Transitional clues such as firstand nextguide the reader. 4. Business and technical writers use abbreviations for A. days of the week and months of the year. B. the title of a person if it appears before the person’s name. C. any sign and symbol used in the body of a report. D. technical words used only occasionally in a report. 5. Reports that are very large in both size and scope usually take the form of a/an A. formal report. B. letter. C. interoffice memorandum. D. feasibility report. 6. Unlike memos, letters include A. a signature above the sender’s typewritten name. B. a general subject line. C. indented paragraphs. D. the sender’s name in the heading. 7. Among the various kinds of visual aids, tables are A. the most difficult to construct. B. the most common aid used in reports. C. helpful for showing the relationships between two sets of data. D. generally used to show trends in business performance. 8. When documenting your research, you should cite the sources for everything except
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Proposals And Special Projects 050018 - 1. A covering...

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