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Running head: RESEARCH PROCESS 1 Research Process The purpose of research is to find solutions to a problem by implementing thorough studies and analyses of situational factors (Sekaran, 2003). Research is an important factor in the decision-making process at any level of an organization. On a daily basis, managers continuously research and analyze problems within their organization in an effort to present constructive, effective decisions. As a manager, one should understand the research process needed to discover solutions to problematic issues. According to Sekaran (2003), there are five steps to the research process from the research model: identifying the problem; gathering preliminary information through unstructured and structured interviews and literature survey; and problem definition; develop a theoretical framework; and deriving an evaluation for hypotheses. In this paper, Learning Team C will discuss the research process using real estate data sets and how different variables and measurement can affect the real estate market, which was once known as the one of the most successful business in the Unites States. In today's real estate marketplace, there are many foreclosures, loss of employment, and just an all around bad economy. This is causing a decline in the real estate industry and in order to save the company, the need for research and investing in our company is in great need. There are many things that need revisiting, such as researching our competitors, reviewing company objectives, creating new and reachable goals, and creating a new and exciting way to reach potential customers. The importance of the this problem is great because not only is the company in difficult times but the market does not seem to be improving anytime in the near future, so changes need to be made within the market to help sustain company goals and future success.
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RESEARCH PROCESS PAPER 2 The questions answered about real estate research deals with the value of property, foreclosures, collateral, mortgage loans, the market down fall with selling and buying property from home owners. The observations of ratio or interval scale data of real estate are the factors to generate prices and to find solutions. The business values of real estate consumers are investing property to sell. The reports in May annual rates of new home sales fell 319,000, (Crutisinger and Kravitz, 2011). The measurement scales for each variable are reliability and validity. The levels of measurement of real estate are based on the measure stably and consistently, and the process how well measure concepts are for techniques (Sekaran, 2003). One of many possible outcomes from this research would be to avoid more financial loss and turn profits around. The data collected and the plans set in motion can teach what has not worked in the past and what we need to change to make things work. Pinpointing the numbers that financially damage will enable to plan better and not make the same mistakes and homes
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Week 3 Assignment - Running head: RESEARCH PROCESS 1...

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