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S10+Exam+4+study+guide - 27 What is a reinforcer 28 What is...

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S’10 Exam 4 Study Guide completed 1. What is an orienting response? 2. What is habituation? 3. What is sensitization? 4. What is desensitization? 5. What is operant conditioning? Why is it important? 6. What is classical conditioning? Why is it important? 7. What is observational learning? 8. Who was Ivan Pavlov? 9. Who was Albert Bandura? 10. Who was B.F. Skinner? 11. Who was John Watson? 12. Who was Edward Thorndike? 13. What is a conditioned stimulus? 14. What is an unconditioned stimulus? 15. What is a discriminative stimulus? 16. What is an unconditioned response? 17. What is a conditioned response? 18. What is a neutral stimulus? 19. Know Pavlov’s research. 20. Know the lemon powder experiment we did in class. 21. What is stimulus generalization? 22. What is aversive conditioning? 23. What is stimulus discrimination? 24. What is extinction? 25. What is spontaneous recovery?
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26. What is the Law of Effect?
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Unformatted text preview: 27. What is a reinforcer? 28. What is punishment? 29. What is positive reinforcement? 30. What is negative reinforcement? 31. What is positive punishment? 32. What is negative punishment? 33. Know the various schedules of reinforcement. 34. What is shaping? 35. What is chaining? 36. What is successive approximation? 37. What is social learning 38. What is vicarious reinforcement? 39. What is vicarious punishment? 40. What is phonology? 41. What is syntax? 42. What are semantics? 43. Define and know when they occur: babbling, cooing, crying, telegraphic speech, first words 44. What is cognition? 45. What are categories? 46. What are heuristics? Know the types. 47. What is a prototype? 48. What is functional fixedness? 49. What is confirmation bias? 50. Be familiar with the video’s watched...
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S10+Exam+4+study+guide - 27 What is a reinforcer 28 What is...

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