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Mic 140 Bacterial Physiology lectures 3-7 9/28/11 HANDOUT Lectures 3-6 I. Core Metabolism. Integration of metabolic activity while making two microbial cells from one. The making of one gram of the model bacterium Escherichia coli will be used as the descriptive system to illustrate metabolic integration. Metabolic pathways are depicted in Chapters 8 through 11 in the textbook, but the textbook lacks a complete presentation of the cofactors and energy required for complete biosynthesis and of convenient summaries. Consequently, all of the material duplicated below is derived from J.L. Ingraham, O. Maaloe and F.C. Neidhardt, 1983, Growth of the Bacterial Cell, Sinauer Associates, Inc., Sunderland MA. A. A hierarchical approach to the process of making two cells from one . 1. The chemical and molecular composition of E . coli was summarized in the Synopsis of Lecture 2. 2. Reiteration of the sequential reactions by which, and the cellular structures into which, the macromolecules are assembled.
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Lectures+3-7+handout-2011 - Mic 140 Bacterial Physiology...

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