Lecture+3-7+Synopsis-2011 - MIC 140 Bacterial Physiology...

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MIC 140 Bacterial Physiology 9/28/11 Lectures 3-7 Synopsis. Nutrition and Energy metabolism (lectures 3-11) - Integration of metabolic pathways used to make two cells from one. Lectures 3-7 focus on nutrition and energy utilization; lectures 8-11 focus on energy generation. Chapters 1, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13. Refer to comprehensive class handout. I. Strategy in conceptual approach in the making of two cells from one. We will define the requirements to make 1 g of Escherichia coli , involving both nutrient and energy utilization. As a consequence of this analysis, students will be capable of calculating how much ATP is required to make 1 gram of an autotroph, and will be asked to do so. In the process, students will also learn how to manipulate and model a metabolic pathway. 1. A cell is largely macromolecules assembled into higher ordered structures. If one knows the molecular composition of the cellular structures and subsequently the macromolecules, one can then model the metabolic demands for synthesis of the cell. II.
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Lecture+3-7+Synopsis-2011 - MIC 140 Bacterial Physiology...

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