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Homework_01_Solutions - STA 100 Homework 1 Due 8:50am Wed...

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STA 100: Homework 1 Due: 8:50am, Wed 12th January Assigned: Wednesday, 5th January For all questions you must show your working. This enables us to understand your thought process, give partial credit and prevent crude cheating. Please see the code of the conduct in the Syllabus for rules about collaborating on homeworks. 1. Examine the flow chart below. Write short questions for the boxes (a)-(d), that would help a researcher to classify different types of data. (a) Continuous Discrete (b) (c) Bounded Continuous Unbounded Continuous Numeric Discrete Categorical Discrete (d) Ordered Categorical Unordered Categorical (NOTE: Answers like ‘Is it discrete or continuous?’ do not count! Your ques- tions must ask about properties of the data. See Fig. 8.13, pg 308 of Rosner for an example – although you can be more verbose than the example.) (a) – Given any two observations, is it possible to obtain an observation with a value between those two? If yes, you have continuous data. (b) – Is there a limit to how big or small the value of an observation can be? If Yes, you have bounded continuous data. (c) – Are you measuring the value of something? If yes, you have numeric discrete data. (d) – Is there a natural order to the observed categories? If yes, you have ordered categorical data. For each of the five terminal nodes (bounded continuous, unbounded continuous, numeric discrete, ordered categorical, unordered categorical): 1
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(e) State whether it is a quantitative or qualitative variable. Quantitative: bounded continuous, unbounded continuous, numeric discrete, discrete Qualitative: ordered categorical, unordered categorical (f) Provide an example variable of that type. Bounded Continuous: Percentage of patients cured by a certain drug. Unbounded Continuous: The number of minutes a bus is either early or late. Numeric Discrete: The number of pineapples eaten in a sitting. Ordered Categorical: Letter grade of students in a statistics class.
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