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STA 100 Final Project: Getting Started Final Project Report Due Date: Friday, 11th March, 3pm (Revised) Final Project Timeline Tuesday, Februrary 22nd Project Groups Due Monday, Februrary 28th Project Proposals Due Wednesday, March 2nd Project Proposal Feedback Completed Monday, March 7th Optional Project Status Report/Meeting Friday, March 11th Final Project Report Due About the Final Project The final project is an opportunity to put all that you have learned in STA 100 to the test. Your task is to conduct a start-to-finish statistical analysis of a real dataset. This will require all of the skills we have learned over the quarter: from plotting the data, to deciding on some reasonable assumptions, formulating questions of interest, answering those questions, and presenting the results in a clear, concise and engaging manner. The most important, and least practiced, skill in statistics is being able to recognize what type of analysis is appropriate for answering scientific questions about a dataset. In contrast to the homeworks and exams, for the final project you must decide what statistical methods are appropriate for answering your questions of interest. Once you have identified suitable statistical methods, you will then need to identify what assumptions are necessary, and whether they are plausible. Next, you will carry out the statistical procedure and interpret your results, before returning back to answer your original questions of interest. Your group should now have decided on a dataset, submitted your proposal and received feed- back from the teaching staff. If this is not the case then please contact Professor Baines immediately. Whenever you work on the project you should write down what you have done, and save any R code you may generate along the way. The workflow for the project should proceed as follows: 1. Formulate Questions of Interest: You were asked to submit possible questions as part of your proposal, so these should serve as a starting point for your questions of interest. Depending on the complexity of your questions, you should look to answer approximately four questions in your final project. As stated in the guidelines for the project proposal:
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Project_Instructions - STA 100 Final Project: Getting...

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