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ARE 18 March 2, 2011 Homework 8 18-6. The metropolitan government of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee began looking into rumors of sexual harassment by the Metro School districts employee relations director, Gene Hughes. Veronica Frazier, a Metro human resources officer asked Vicky Crawford, a Metro employee, whether she had witnessed "inappropriate behavior" by Hughes. She described several incidences of sexually harassing behavior. Two other employees also reported being sexually harassed by Hughes. Metro took no action against Hughes but soon after the investigation accused Crawford of embezzlement and fired her as well as the other two employees. Crawford filed suit and cleaned retaliation under Title VII. Arguments that could be made that Crawford's situation does qualify as a retaliation under Title VII are that she was interviewed as part of the investigation and she said she witnessed sexual harassment in the workplace making it a hostile working environment. By her giving a statement she has protected status so she cannot be retaliated against.
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