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ARE18 homework 11

ARE18 homework 11 - materials that don't belong to them The...

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ARE 18 March 14, 2011 Homework 11 5-7.Custom Copies, Inc. in Gainesville, Florida, is a copy shop, reproducing and distributing for profit on request, material published and owned by others. One of therapy shops primary activities is the preparation and sale of course packs, which contain compilations of readings for college courses. Custom Copies argued that it did not "distribute" the course packs. However, the copy shop violates the copyright law even though it only copied materials for course packs. No, the copying does not fall under the "fair use" exception because Custom Copies is making the copies of the course packs for a profit. No the court should not grant the defendants motion to dismiss the case because they are not allowed to sell copies of
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Unformatted text preview: materials that don't belong to them. The potential impact would be being sued for copyright infringement and being subjected to damages for the owners of the articles losses. They may also be subject to criminal penalties. which range from actual damages or statutory damages, imposed at the courts discretion, to criminal proceedings for willful violations. Actual damages are based on the harm caused to the copyright holder by the infringement, while statutory damages, not to exceed $150,000, are provided for under the Copyright Act. As well as criminal proceedings which may result in fines and/or imprisonment....
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