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4ACourse Schedule S'11 - Chemistry 4A Spring 2011 Lecture...

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Chemistry 4A Spring 2011 Lecture Sections: 1147/1161 MWF 11-11:50 or 1145/1146 MWF 12-12:50 LECTURE ASSIGNMENT SLO LAB ASSIGNMENT Date Chap 1 Chemistry & Measurement B C Check In / Intro. to Lab Jan 18/19 Chap 2 Atoms, Molecules & Ions D E Expt 1 Density Jan 20/21 Chap 3 Calculations with Chemical A B E Expt 2 Paper Chromatography Jan 25/26 Formulas and Equations Expt 3 Nomenclature & Balancing Rxns. Jan 27/28 Expt 4 Stoichiometry: Empirical Form. Feb 1/2 Expt 5 Laws of Conservation of Mass Feb 3/4 REVIEW Feb 8/9 EXAM 1 CH 1-3 Feb 10/11 Chap 4 Chemical Reactions B C E Expt 7 Ionic/Covalent Compounds Feb 15/16 Chap 12 Solutions B E NO LAB - HOLIDAY Feb 17/18 Chap 19 Section 19.1 Redox B E Expt 8 Writing Net-Ionic Equations Feb 22/23 Chap 5 The Gaseous State B E Expt 9 Redox EMF Series Feb 24/25 Expt 10 Redox Worksheet Mar 1/2 Expt 11 Charles Law Mar 3/4 Expt 12 Molar Volume of Oxygen Mar 8/9 Expt 13 GFW of a Vapor Mar 10/11 REVIEW Mar 15/16 Exam 2 CH 4,12, 19.1,5 Mar 17/18 Chap 6 Thermochemistry B E Expt 14 Analysis of Alka-Seltzer Mar 22/23 Chap 7 Quantum Theory of the Atom D E Expt 23 Vol. Anal. of Cream of Tartar Mar 24/25 Chap 8 Electron Configurations and D E Expt 16 Thermochemistry Part I Mar 29/30 Periodicity Thermochemistry Part II Mar 31/Apr 1 Expt 18 Atomic Spectra of Hydrogen Apr 5/6 Expt 19 Periodic Table Apr 7/8 REVIEW Apr 12/13 EXAM 3 CH 6,7,8 Apr 14/15 SPRING BREAK APRIL 18-22 Chap 9 Ionic and Covalent Bonding D E Expt 21 Bonding Worksheet Apr 26/27 Chap 10 Molecular Geometry and D E Expt 22 Exploring the Geom. of Molecules Apr 28/29 Chemical Bonding Theory Expt 27 Geometry of Unit Cells of Solids May 3/4 Chap 11 Liquids & Solids B D E Expt 27 Checkout May 5/6 Chap 12 Solutions B E Review May 9/10 EXAM 4 CH 9,10,11,12 May 12/13 Review for Final May 17/ 18 FINAL EXAMS ADRIAN Sections 1147/1161 Mon., May 23rd @ 11:00 a.m. DAWSON Sections 1145/1146 Wed., May 25th @ 12:00 p.m. The above is a tentative schedule. Any changes will be announced in class. Required Items: General Chemistry, 9 th Ed., Ebbing & Gammon, OWL Access Code, Scientific Calculator, Safety Glasses, General Chemistry 4A Lab Manual, Beuerman and Eyrich Bound lab notebook (NCR pages). Scantrons, 810-4-6 Lecture Notes and Supplementary Materials: www.mccd.edu/faculty/adriana Instructor Office /Hours Phone Mail Email A. Adrian M thru Th 12-12:30pm in S129 386-6676 Box 20 [email protected] D. Dawson M 2-3pm and W, 11am-12pm in S128 384-6290 Box 20 [email protected]
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ONLINE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS Introduction: The homework for this course must be completed online using the OWL site. You will need to purchase an OWL access code. If you do not have access to a computer at home, you may use computers in the Math Lab, IAC Computer Lab, or Library. The OWL system is a great learning tool. You can think of it as your personal chemistry tutor, and should log in often for the best results. It is a proven fact that the number of hours a student logs on the OWL site has a direct positive correlation to the final
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4ACourse Schedule S'11 - Chemistry 4A Spring 2011 Lecture...

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