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ARE18 January 30, 2011 Homework 3 3.6 Thomas Becker and the others that bought new homes from the Osborne Development Corp. are able to sue the builder in court. Even though they enrolled with HBW, paid a fee and filled out a form that stated "By signing below, you acknowledge that you… Consent to the terms of these documents including the binding arbitration provision contained therein." It stated that " any and all claims, disputes, and
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Unformatted text preview: controversies by or between the Homeowner, the Builder, the Warranty Insurer, and or HBW. . shall be submitted to arbitration." However, since the buyers only want to sue the Builders they are not subject to this arbitration clause because it does not involve all three parties. Therefore, they are free and capable of suing Osborne in court, for the multiple defects they found in their newly purchased house....
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  • Arbitration Clause, Arbitration, Osborne Development Corp., binding arbitration provision, newly purchased house

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