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Ryan Richert History 2055 Lesson 3 Lesson 3: Great Britain’s North American Empire Fundamental Constitution of Carolina – A document that divided the land into provinces. Two thirds of the land was given to the hereditary nobles. It established freedom of religion in the colonies, saying that no one could be persecuted for their beliefs. Iroquois Confederation – William Penn – William Penn was an Oxford graduate who joined the Quaker movement. He was imprisoned multiple times for his beliefs. He inherited a large sum of money but never collected the money. He owned land stretching from New York and Maryland and was the founder of Pennsylvania. Jean-Baptiste Colbert – King Philip – An Indian chief, also known as Metacom. He led an attack on the Plymouth Colony in which some 1500 women and children and a number of men also were killed. He was eventually killed by another Indian who was fighting for the colonists. Pope’s Rebellion – Navigation Acts of 1660 – A declaration of the English government that essentially required the colonists to trade exclusively with England. The colonists attempted to evade the Act so the English taxed the colonists on departure, rather than at the receiving port. Nathaniel Bacon – An elected leader of the frontiersmen. Bacon was personally opposed to the Indians. He apologized for his actions to Berkeley but then turned on Berkeley and drove him away. One reform that he instituted was the prohibition of using taxes to promote personal favorites. Jacob Leisler – Sir Edmund Andros – 1. Describe the impact of England’s Glorious Revolution on the American colonies. Cite several specific responses in various colonies.
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Lesson3 - Ryan Richert History 2055 Lesson 3 Lesson 3:...

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