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Nutrition 11 Oral Report 2 - Nut 11 21 April 2011 A...

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Nut 11 21 April 2011 A Dangerous Mixture Caffeine is being consumed at extremely high levels whether it’s in the form of a cup of coffee, a can of soda, or most popular today – an energy drink. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and helps liven up your mood, as well as enhances your mental and physical performance . An overload can make a person extra jittery, restless, irritable and even effect their ability to sleep. If used in excess, caffeine can sometimes lead to serious health problems, such as an increase risk of cancer, coronary heart disease, fibrocystic breast disease, and other disorders. Caffeine poses significant health risks for people already susceptible. For example, a person with hypertension , unusually high blood pressure, might be more prone to other heath risks. The amount of caffeine in one energy drink is equal to 3 times the amount in a 6oz cup of coffee. Most energy drinks contain caritine, glucurolactone, guarana, inositol, panax ginseng, super citramax, taurine, and yohimbine, however, only one ingredient has been scientifically proven to help enhance energy and physical performance. Energy drinks are not recommended before exercise, for adolescent children between 11 and 18, or to mix with alcohol. In this study the relationship between energy drink use, high-risk drinking behavior, and alcohol-related consequences were examined within a sample of college students. Will a college student who consumed alcohol mixed with energy drinks, or AmED, have an
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Nutrition 11 Oral Report 2 - Nut 11 21 April 2011 A...

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