Experiment 16 Part 2updated

Experiment 16 Part 2updated - Experiment 16 Part 2...

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Experiment 16 Part 2 - Calorimetry Determination of the Hneutralization of HCl(aq) and NaOH(aq) and Hsolution of NH 4 NO 3 (s) . Thermochemistry is the particular branch of chemical thermodynamics concerned with energy changes in the form of heat. The heat gained or lost by a system as a result of a chemical or physical change (at constant pressure) is the enthalpy change of reaction, Hrxn. A reaction in which heat is lost by the reaction to the surroundings is said to be exothermic ( Hrxn = negative) and one in which heat is absorbed is endothermic ( Hrxn = positive). Often the subscript “rxn” is replaced by the type of reaction, e.g. “neutralization”. In this experiment, the Hrxn of two different reactions, one a neutralization reaction and one a dissolution reaction, will be determined by carrying out each reaction in a coffee-cup calorimeter and measuring the temperature change of the solution. From the temperature change and mass of the solution qsolution and therefore the qrxn (in Joules) can be determined. From this, the Hrxn, in kJ/mol, will be calculated from the moles of reactants used. Some other information you will need for the calculations: The specific heat of a 0.5 M NaCl solution is 4.02 J/g⁰C. You may assume that the specific heat of the ammonium nitrate aqueous solution is close to that of pure water, 4.184 J/g⁰C. In order to get the most accurate Tfinal possible, you will need to correct for heat lost through the
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Experiment 16 Part 2updated - Experiment 16 Part 2...

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