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Blog 1 In the article, “A First Amendment Junkie” by Susan Jacoby, Jacoby argues that pornography should be protected and not need to be censored because of the First Amendment. In her article Jacoby points out that women cannot agree on what classifies obscene material. If we were to censor something that one person felt to be obscene we would end up having to play the game of trying to please everyone, which would ultimately result in a downward spiral limiting the average person’s access to something due to the fact that another individual found it offensive. Another important argument that Jacoby brings up is the issue of kiddie porn. She argues that this is not a First Amendment issue at all and that it is up to the parent to control what their children watch and do since they are adults and they should have power over their children. I agree with Jacoby’s argument to an extent. I believe that pornography should be
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