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Formula Sheet CHEM4A_FALL2010TEST 4

Formula Sheet CHEM4A_FALL2010TEST 4 - 2 Most salts of and...

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v = = R = 8.314 J mol -1 K -1 m e = 9.11 X 10 –31 kg J Formula Name Formula Name Ammonium ion Sulfate ion Nitrate ion Phosphate ion Chromate ion Thiosulfate ion Dichromate ion Acetate ion Cyanide ion Chlorate ion Permanganate ion Iodate ion Hydroxide ion Bromated ion Carbonate ion Thiocyanate ion General rules for solubility of ionic compounds in water 1. Most nitrate and acetate salts are soluble
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Most salts of and are soluble 3. Most chloride salts are soluble. Notable exceptions are and 4. Most sulfate salts are soluble. Notable exceptions are and 5. Most hydroxide compounds are insoluble. The important exceptions are and and are moderately soluble. 6. Most sulfide , carbonate , and phosphate salts are insoluble....
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