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UWP 101 Blog 2 - pen and go through it changing sentences around adding new insight that I didn’t think of before eliminating unnecessary

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After reading both Shitty First Drafts, and The Maker’s Eye , I began to question my entire writing process. I am the kind of person that always has a plan before writing. I was never a fan of free writing, and therefore I never really tried it. When I begin the writing process, I usually read the prompt the day it is given. I think about it for a little while and then I begin handwriting possible ideas for my thesis. I then pick the strongest thesis, and begin to find and jot down evidence that proves my point. When I have enough evidence to construct decent body paragraphs, I begin to type what I have, as well as analysis, followed by a conclusion. After all that is typed up, I go back to my thesis and come up with a brilliant, intriguing introduction, to ensure my readers are entertained. After completing this draft, I try to go back and edit little mistakes that stand out to me by rereading what I wrote. Then I save it, and move on to something else. A day or so later, I open up the draft and print it out. At this point I take a read
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Unformatted text preview: pen and go through it, changing sentences around, adding new insight that I didn’t think of before, eliminating unnecessary statements, and looking over grammar of course. Finally I have a first draft that I am pleased and comfortable enough with to allow my peers to comment on. As much as I enjoyed reading the articles on first drafts, I can’t say that I agree with them entirely. I find it extremely difficult to just sit down and write. I need a plan. If I sit down and write everything I feel about the subject I think I would either lose interest or not be able to stay focused. I would also be extremely upset if it took me 4 pages just to get one good point. I think the writing experience is different for each person. I’m not saying I won’t take their advice at all, but when you find a method that works for you, it’s hard to stray from it....
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