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A Foreign Topic So as you all know, for our first essay assignment we have to analyze a magazine for its social, cultural, and/or political stance. We are supposed to use articles, personnel, advertisements, and illustrations to help us in determining these important factors. Normally I find writing classes to be fairly easy. You’re given a prompt to write on, usually about an issue you had been discussing in class or a reading that was assigned where all you have to do is answer the question as best you can – meeting all the other writing expectations as well. But this essay is different. You have to really think about it, decide what you’re trying to prove, how you can show it and then do it. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but starting this essay was extremely hard for me. I had trouble
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Unformatted text preview: deciding which essay to choose, making the profile in hopes of discovering who the audience is and how the magazine addresses their needs, but even that did not get me very far. Finally I just sat down, went through my magazine page by page, and analyzed every possible detail from cover to cover. I was able to get some what of a draft done in time, but I still did not like it very much. After today, and the peer review time (which I still don’t think was enough time), I realized that I have so much to change and am starting to feel extremely flustered with the amount of time I have to come up with a quality essay. Maybe it’s just me, but this class is definitely challenging my writing skills more than I expected it to!...
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