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When is Love Wrong? The articles from this week, especially the ones focusing on homosexuality and marriage, incest, and polygamy made me question society as a whole as well as my own personal beliefs. Growing up, raised in a catholic home, I was taught that marriage is a sacred bond between a husband and a wife. However, as I got older, I made friends who were gay and they are some of the nicest people I know. Who am I to force my beliefs on them and tell them whom they should and should not be in love with or marry? To me, marriage is a commitment to another person that you love and want to be with forever. So why are homosexuals discriminated against and denied the right to be married? Don’t they have the same rights as everyone else? As for my next topic, I have always found incest disgusting. I could never look at my brothers and feel IN love with them; its not
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Unformatted text preview: how I was raised, and society has put such a taboo on it that I would never even consider thinking about having intimate feelings for any member of my family. However, other families might not have the same morals as mine, and who am I to tell them that their sibling love is not real or allowed? How can any person judge another persons love? It’s a feeling they have; it is neither your business nor your concern. Couples are everywhere, there is no way of knowing if a random couple you see out at dinner is a sibling couple or not. It only comes into play when they want to be married. Same goes for polygamists. Is it morally wrong for a man to love more than one woman? Or just to MARRY more than one woman? Why does our society judge other peoples relationships so harshly? In the end, is it really ANY of their business?...
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