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Teachers gotta Teach Currently the issue of whether or not sexual education should be taught in public schools is being debated. Parents as well as other organizations are fighting the fact that their children are being taught about sex, saying that “the program violate[s] parents’ rights” (755). Personally, I see no problem with teaching teenagers about the risks they are subjecting themselves to by engaging in sexual activities. I think it is beneficial to them, as well as to society as a whole. Whether parents choose to believe it or not, their children could be having sex; it is in everyone’s best interest that they know how to protect themselves from pregnancy and the potential of getting a sexually transmitted disease, and if parents aren’t going to talk to their children about sex and inform them, who better to do it than a professional trained in that field? I never had the sex talk with either of my parents. They were both busy working most of the time and when we did
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Unformatted text preview: talk, we talked about school and other more important things. I’m really glad that a stranger warned me of the dangers that come along with sex, because I’m not sure I would have been able to take either of my parents seriously, or sit through the awkwardness of that conversation. As Dr. Cohall believes, “It is best if teenagers abstain from sexual activity and talk to their parents about issues of sex, morality and health… his three high school clinics saw around 150 cases of sexually transmitted diseases like condyloma, chlamydia, and the better-known gonorrhea and syphilis” (756). The fact of the matter is parents are neglecting their duties of teaching their children about sex for whatever reason. Therefore it is up to the schools to pick up the slack and inform teenagers about sex so they can hopefully avoid any future STDS....
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