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CHEM 4A LAB SCHEDULE AND POLICIES NO PRELAB FOR DATES IN BOLD LAB ASSIGNMENT Date Points Earned Points Possible % Check In / Intro. to Lab Jan 18/19 Expt 1 Density Jan 20/21 Expt 2 Paper Chromatography Jan 25/26 Expt 3 Nomenclature & Balancing Rxns. Jan 27/28 Expt 4 Stoichiometry: Empirical Form. Feb 1/2 Expt 5 Laws of Conservation of Mass Feb 3/4 REVIEW Feb 8/9 EXAM 1 Feb 10/11 Expt 7 Ionic/Covalent Compounds Feb 15/16 No Lab - Holiday Feb 17/18 Expt 8 Writing Net-Ionic Equations Feb 22/23 Expt 9 Redox EMF Series Feb 24/25 Expt 10 Redox Worksheet Mar 1/2 Expt 11 Charles Law Mar 3/4 Expt 12 Molar Volume of Oxygen Mar 8/9 Expt 13 GFW of a Vapor Mar 10/11 REVIEW Mar 15/16 EXAM 2 Mar 17/18 Expt 14 Analysis of Alka-Seltzer Mar 22/23 Expt 23 Vol. Anal. of Cream of Tartar Mar 24/25 Expt 16 Thermochemistry Part I Mar 29/30 Thermochemistry Part II Mar31/Ap1 Expt 18 Atomic Spectra of Hydrogen Apr 5/6 Expt 19 Periodic Table Apr 7/8 REVIEW Apr 12/13 EXAM 3 Apr 14/15 SPRING BREAK Expt 21 Bonding Worksheet Apr 26/27 Expt 22 Exploring the Geom. of Molecules Apr 28/29 Expt 27 Geometry of Unit Cells of Solids May 3/4 Expt 27 Geo. Of Unit Cells II May 5/6 Review May 9/10 EXAM 4 May 12/13 Review for Final May 17/18 Calculate your grade TOTAL
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Lab Report Format Guide Experiment number and Title Experiment 1: Density of a solid and a liquid. Purpose : Each report begins by writing a purpose in your own words. The purpose should always include methods used and the primary objective of the experiment. In this lab the density of an unknown solid will be determined from its mass and volume. The volume
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