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Another Discriminating Argument For my paper I chose to analyze the definition of a traditional family and compare heterosexual couples with homosexual couples and the effects they have on their children. I chose this topic because the articles we read in class about same sex marriage argued that gay and lesbian couples should not be allowed to marry due to the fact that they cannot procreate. However, is that really what marriage is about now? Or is marriage about commitment? One of my earlier blogs argues that marriage is about love and that no one should be able to take away someone’s right to be with the person they love even if they are the same sex. That being said, gay couples are currently allowed to adopt children in the state of California making the fact that they cannot procreate irrelevant. However, the fact that gay and lesbian parents are adopting children brings up the argument that children raised by such couples do not turn out right and that they are not taught traditional family values that children raised by heterosexual children are.
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